Emerald Princess Day 46

Written by Safarigal
April 20, 2024

George Town, Grand Cayman Island

April 18th, 2024

Our final port. It’s hard to believe we have been cruising for 46 days, it feels like yesterday that we arrived in Buenos Aires. How can this be our final port?

Our ship dropped anchor off George Town in the early hours, and by 7:00 the announcement was made that it is OK to go ashore.

We have been to Grand Cayman a couple of times and have enjoyed the beaches and snorkeling, and even did a beach scuba diving course here many moons ago, but we have never been to George Town, so today was the day for us to explore the town.

We waited until the ship’s tours had left, and the queues for tender tickets had subsided. We felt that by 10:00 it would be safe to go ashore.

We went and got our tender ticket – number 33 – and had timed it just right that we could go straight down to the pontoon and catch the next tender.

It is a very short ride to the dock. With 3 large cruise ships in port, it was very crowded at the cruise terminal, but we were able to negotiate our way past the souvenir stalls out into the town.

We spent the next couple of hours walking around the town. There really isn’t that much to see there.

It is a beautiful water front, with miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water.

There are many cafes and restaurants on the water.

And no shortage of T shirt and jewelry shops.

However, a couple of hours in the hot sun was enough for us, and we were happy to take a tender back to the ship and enjoy the peace and quiet of a port day when it seems like everyone is off the ship.

The aft pool looked inviting, but we couldn’t find anywhere to sit out of the blazing sun.

So we chose the middle pool. Luckily there wasn’t a movie playing, that usually detracts from the enjoyment of this pool.

We found a lovely shady spot to sit and read, and from time to time I would have a burst of energy and swim a couple of lengths in the deserted pool. There was no one to bump into me, and I had no one to bump into. It was blissful doing my doggy paddle up and down the pool safe in the knowledge that there was no one there to judge my lack of style when I swim. It was bliss.

We had a wonderful afternoon, but slowly the hordes returned to the ship, and it was time to get changed and then come back on deck to watch the sail away. Our final sail away. Farewell to the islands and the rhythms of the Caribbean.

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