Sapphire Princess Day 27

Written by Safarigal
March 31, 2024

At Sea

March 30th, 2024

Everyone who has been on the ship since Buenos Aires had to check in again at their muster stations because we have been on the ship for 30 days. Actually we haven’t, since we all boarded on March 4th, but who am I to argue with the Guest Services Manager?

Now, on every other cruise line where you have a cruise key card, the location of your muster station is on the back of your card. However, it is not on your Medallion, and may be on everyone else’s Medallion App, but seeing as we are on the wrong ship as far as the App is concerned, it isn’t on ours. Luckily it is on the back of the stateroom door.

Like the responsible couple that we are, at 9:00 we reported to our muster station, which is in the casino. I would hate to be trapped in the casino if the ship goes down, but at least I suppose that the slot machines would have stopped flashing and pinging in that situation.

Although the muster station monitor was there in the casino, he was unable to scan our medallions as the captain hadn’t given him the go ahead to scan just yet.

We stood waiting for a while, but as we had wanted to go to the enrichment talk, we decided to play hooky and go to the talk instead of waiting around for the captain.

The talk was on taking photos of the solar eclipse.

Rob talked about a lot more than just the taking of photos, but I think Brian had hoped that there would be more on photography. Anyway it was an interesting talk.

After the talk we returned to the casino, and this time we were able to check in. On the paper we received telling us about the need to check in again, there were strict instructions that we had to hand in that piece of paper. So being good citizens, we tried to hand in the paper, but the muster monitor refused to accept it. Sometimes it is hard following the rules.

As Captain’s Circle members, we had received an invitation to the wine tasting at 2:15 this afternoon. We duly turned up at the restaurant where it was being held and waited for the doors to open. Finally at 2:45 the doors did open and we were ushered in to begin our wine tasting experience.

Quite honestly on Cunard we often skip the wine tasting as they usually have the wines they are trying to get rid of, and you move with a crowd of other guests from one station to another, and it all feels rather like a production line.

This was much more civilized.

We were ushered to a table where the glasses were already in place for the wine tasting to begin.

There was also a bottle of water and a plate of snacks.

With the distinct lack of sommeliers on board I had been intrigued to see who was conducting the wine tasting. Would it be one of the waiters? No! It turns out there are actually 4 sommeliers on board. There are 5 main restaurants and 2 specialty restaurants, and 2600 passengers so I can see how it is difficult to find one. I was glad to see the young man who had assisted me previously did exist and wasn’t just a figment of my imagination.

The sommelier who was actually leading the tasting did say that due to passenger feedback, Princess will be hiring more sommeliers in the future. I hope they upgrade their wine glasses at the same time.

The tasting was fun, no extra specially wonderful wines, but it was a pleasant way to spend part of the afternoon.

Feeling a bit sleepy after that, we spent the rest of the afternoon on the promenade deck, reading and watching the Pacific Ocean. Apparently there are a lot of whales and dolphins out there, but we weren’t lucky enough to see any.

Suddenly it was 5:10, and time to get ready for the Captains Circle party. By the time we arrived at the party Club Fusion was packed, no chance of finding a seat, or even a space to stand. We decided to retreat back to the cabin where I still have some Veuve Clicquot in the fridge, and not partake of the champagne that was on offer. Maybe we could see the sunset from the cabin.

Alas, the sun was just out of range of our window.

We may not have the best view from our window, but I can still get a glimpse of the promenade deck.

Tonight there was the 80s deck dance party. It was definitely windy out on deck, but that’s to be expected out in the middle of the ocean! Maybe if we have a late departure from Cabo they will have another deck party, maybe with a Mexican theme. That would be great.

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