Queen Mary 2 Day 18

Written by Safarigal
April 25, 2023

April 24th, 2023


I dreamt last night that we were back at sea again, and speeding towards New York. I looked out the window, and the car park was still there, No we were not at sea,

We spent the morning in the Commodore Club. We knew we should be off sightseeing – I mean there is so much to see around Southampton, but I thought we will be back in Southampton many times again, but our time on Mary is limited, let’s just stay on board. Also, it would be nice to know when and how we are getting home.

The view from the deserted Commodore Club was not of the endless blue ocean spreading out before us, but of Southampton docks. I took my first steps on Southampton docks after sailing from East Africa and sliding along on my bottom refusing to walk at all while on the ship, waiting to touch English soil for that momentous occasion. Also my first memories of England were getting off the ship in Southampton,  walking to the train that was on the docks waiting to whisk us off to London in a puff of steam, with my Dad singing:

 “All off to London, early in the morning, see all the choo choo trains all in a row.Driver comes along and he pulls a little lever, puff puff puff, and away we go”

Or words to that effect. I was enchanted by the sights out of the windows – being brought up in the African bush, 1959 England was the most magical place I had ever seen. So I still get goosebumps when I see Southampton. Although the docks are totally unrecognizable now. I do still wish they had the boat train to London, that was part of the fun of arriving in the UK.

There was still no indication of when and how we would be flying back home, but there were lectures going on, and sign up for the guest choir was even on the schedule today. Water colour classes seem to be going on, and all of the usual sea day activities. Honestly, it is just so very weird.

At lunch a crane ship pulled alongside us, obscuring the view of the parking garages.

Brian and I decided to see what was up with the funnel. There did seem to be work going on from what we could see from the Boardwalk Cafe, there was scaffolding, and large metal pieces on the deck.

All of the accesses to the upper forward decks were closed off. Probably some health and safety issue. I love that funnel, and I hope they know how to take good care of it so this doesn’t happen again. Funnel rot can’t be good.

On our way to check out the funnel we noticed that there were life vests in the corridors outside the stateroom doors. Are we missing something? Maybe, like the funnel, it is just time to replace them.

It is looking dark and stormy outside, a good enough reason to stay indoors and take advantage of what Queen Mary 2 has to offer us.

At the Distinctive Voyages cocktail party in the evening, the events manager let us know that flights were being booked for guests to leave the ship either tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday, and that coach transport would be provided to the airport. On Thursday the ship would move from Ocean Terminal to another dock, where the repairs would continue. There had been a post on Cruise Critic that the repairs would take several months. She said she had been told that the ship would be back in service by May 7th. So it’s difficult to know what is really happening as I am sure the guest relations people can only tell us what they have been instructed to say. Time will tell.

The dining room was pretty empty for dinner, all of the UK passengers had left today, and it’s just us international folks on board now. Most people were dressed in formal black and white, and I was happy to wear my white jacket that leaves little sparkles everywhere again. We all got a glass of sparkling wine, but I am not quite sure what we are celebrating.

When we returned to our stateroom, there was still no letter about our future flight arrangements, so I do hope we are not leaving tomorrow. Another full day on board would be great!

Post Discussion


  1. Jack Dawson

    I’m reminded of the quote from Louis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, “Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser”

    • Safarigal

      Oh gosh – you are so right! We have just had another perfect evening on board – the shows go on, the music plays – but there’s hardly anyone around. It’s so strange!

  2. Hattie

    Thanks for the update, what an experience.

    • Safarigal

      We really can’t complain about a few extra days in Southampton :). I just wish we knew when we are going home!

  3. Sylvia Boecker

    Please keep your posts coming, we are waiting to fly to London to board on May 7th.
    No QM2 in NY on April 30th. We wonder if the problem will be fixed on May 7th.
    Thank you for sharing your news.

    • Safarigal

      Cunard is planning a Coronation cruise on Queen Mary 2 from May 2nd to the 7th, so I am assuming they are expecting the problem to be solved by then! I just wish we could do the Coronation cruise 🙂

  4. Lynda

    The Coronation is only a eeek away on May 6th. – will they let you return on May 2nd and sail back to NY w/QM2 May 7th ? Just an idea !- but I’m sure ur working on this already. Keep us posted 💕

    • Safarigal

      Cunard has just announced that they are doing a special Coronation sailing on May 2nd. It’s really tempting to stay in the UK and book that – but I expect that we will just fly home when we get told what our itinerary is 🙁

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