Queen Mary 2 Day 22

Written by Safarigal
April 28, 2023

April 28th, 2023

Southampton to the US

For the first time in a very long time we had breakfast in the dining room, and jolly good it was too. We usually have to go to the Kings Court and Carinthia for breakfast as the dining room is long closed by the time we venture forth in the morning. But not today, we were up bright and early to catch the 9:00 AM coach to Heathrow.

After breakfast it was time to say good bye to everyone, and leave the ship. It was easy to find our luggage as it was about the only luggage in the arrivals hall. Cunard had paid for the world cruise folks to have all of their luggage shipped back home, so they only had carry-on bags.

We left the cruise terminal and headed for the coach that was waiting there. It turned out that that was the shuttle bus in to town. I thought it was a very nice gesture for Cunard to put on a shuttle bus as City Cruise Terminal is a fair distance from West Quay. It is closer to IKEA however.

We sat in the departure lounge at the terminal for about 45 minutes, and finally our coach arrived. We did have a delayed departure, but we were fine with that as we have a long time to wait at Heathrow. Several of the other people on the coach were grumbling, not because they were concerned that being late would cause a problem with catching their flights, but just because they were simply very annoyed that the coach was late.

Despite the fact that there was a lot of congestion on the M3 due to road works, it still only took us an hour and a half to get to the airport. In the past I always seem to sleep on this journey, but today I was wide awake looking at England’s green and pleasant land outside the window. It really is very beautiful. All off to London early in the morning………………Well Heathrow Terminal 5 if you want to be more precise.

I have to say that having had major issues with Terminal 5 and British Airways in the past, everything went very smoothly. It was an extra bonus for me to stock up on my supply of British chocolates and search for yet more coronation paraphernalia at the airport, we certainly weren’t expecting to be here again so soon.

Even the flight home was good. I was able to work on my union flag thing, and Brian watched movies. A Man Called Otto made him tearful – that’s why I love him so much!

This was not the planned end to our voyage. We wanted to sail into Brooklyn and finish what we started in January of 2020. It was not to be. Fate and funnel rot intervened. We certainly won’t be on Queen Mary 2 in 2024 for her world voyage as we will be trying the Fred Olsen ship Bolette. Who knows what 2025 will bring? Meanwhile I have my supplies for a magnificent coronation party for the family and Brian’s birthday on May 6th.  Long live the king!

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  1. Mick Bettesworth

    Thank you so much for your interesting hand informative blog. So sorry your cruise was curtailed. We were among the disappointed who failed to get a cabin on the Coronation Cruise! Que sera!
    Bon Voyage and I look forward to Bolette in the autumn

    • Safarigal

      So sorry you also could’t get a booking! But I am happy for those who did, I hope they have a great time 🙂

  2. Chris Brookes

    Great Blog as usual! Now home to process four suitcases of laundry! 🤣
    I shall be thinking of you on May 6th! Happy Birthday to Brian! 💕💕💕🍾🥂

    • Safarigal

      Thanks! Let the unpacking and laundry begin 🙂

  3. Jack Dawson

    Dee and I stepped off the QM2 on May 15th, 2022. We will board the Queen Victoria on August 22nd of this year. Thank you so much for taking us with you on your adventure around Africa and getting us through that difficult period known as “we’re between cruises”. Your writing was brilliant as usual. When I finished your last post I closed my laptop, turned to Dee and said, “I’m exhausted.” In all probability the closest I’ll ever get to Stephen Payne is through posts. A special thank you for sharing him with us.

    • Safarigal

      Thank you so much for following along on our journey! Is your Queen Victoria the around Britain one? We are joining QV on August 20th this year, and then coming home on Mary on September 1st. Not too long to go!

      • Jack Dawson

        I’m sorry, got my Queens mixed up. We are going the QE on 8/22 for the Los Angeles – Panama Canal – Ft. Lauderdale cruise. An itinerary we have longed hope to do.

        • Safarigal

          Of course, I remember that you were going the QE Panama Canal trip. Have a wonderful time 🙂

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