Where Is Safari Gal Family

Where Is Safarigal?

DAY 51 – February 24th

At Sea in the Perfect Pacific Ocean   Yes, it’s another totally perfect day. The ocean continues to be an incredible shade of blue; the water is calm, and the sky almost cloudless except for a few puffy white clouds on the horizon.   Apart from 2 stormy...

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DAY 49 – February 22nd

  At Sea   Not quite in the tropics yet.   At noon the Commodore announced that we had sailed 17,332 miles since we left Southampton, and have 364 miles to go to Pitcairn. The depth of water under our keel is 3,190 meters. We are 98 miles away from...

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DAY 42 – February 15th

At Sea   How on earth could we have been cruising for 6 weeks already? I want to slow time down, it is simply whizzing by too fast.   The sea was calm, but it was too cool and windy to sit by the pool. We stopped by to congratulate Juliana on her new...

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DAY 41 – February 14th

Golfo Corcovado Channel   There is much unhappiness in the kingdom. Well not really the whole kingdom, just our cabin. And not the whole cabin, just me.   The card in my video camera was full, so yesterday I downloaded all of the film onto my external...

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