Queen Anne Day 25

Written by Safarigal
May 28, 2024

At Sea

May 27th, 2024

I was a bit late getting to the Commodore Club today, and yet again there was someone in my seat! The bar has certainly become THE place to be during the day. When I go to watch an enrichment lecture there is no guarantee that I will be able to find a chair on my return, let alone a chair close to an outlet. Still I am happy that other people are making good use of it too. With us constantly being in the fog there isn’t anything to see out there really.

That doesn’t stop the brigade sitting at the front all day and watching the world go by through their binoculars.

There were no whale or dolphin sightings, not even any migratory birds. We were in very thick fog, as the very mournful fog horn was constantly reminding us.

I had particularly tasty mussels for lunch today, and that brightened things up a lot. The food really has been excellent, it is going to be difficult to return to my own cooking in a few weeks time.

There were 2 World Club parties today – one at 5:15 and the other at 7:45. Although I think I am always in a party mood, 5:15 was way to early, and luckily we went to see Chris from future cruise sales, and he said it was fine to show up at the later party.

The party was again in the Pavilion. I still don’t feel this works that well, but there are limited choices onboard.

Deirdre wasn’t the most traveled guest this time, but she was the 3rd most traveled guest so she was happy she got a mention. All in all it was a good party and we had fun.

Midge Ure was this evening’s performer. He always does a really good show, and the audience really appreciated his performance.

When we returned to our stateroom, there was a half bottle of Pol Acker waiting for us, a gift from the world club people. I thought we had escaped it this time, but there it stood. I see mimosas for breakfast in my future!

It was still light when we went to bed near midnight. The north may be cold, but the long summer nights are certainly lovely.

Post Discussion


  1. Lynda Maer

    Hint for opening sparking wine
    Hold the bottle straight up
    Do not tilt
    A TWA stewardess told me this years ago. The cork does not fly if the bottle is not tilted.
    But you probably know this.

    I have to use a “nut cracker” with serrated edges ( for leverage )
    to remove the cork
    as I don’t have strength in my hands – but it works !!!
    Yet another item to pack in my survival kit for long voyages.

    The other way is to ring my steward. Enjoy !!!

    • Safarigal

      Now several bottles of Prosecco and Pol Acker later I think I have mastered the technique – but a nut cracker sounds like a good idea to add to my survival kit!

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