Written by Safarigal
November 20, 2022

Back in 2019 my friend Deirdre had said in passing, “do you want to go to Antarctica with us?”. Quite honestly I had never thought of going there. I do not like cold weather, and Alaska in summer is about as cold as I want to be if I can avoid it.

As the first snowflakes fall, while friends get all excited about their new skis and fancy snowshoes, all I can think about is staying indoors by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, drinking chocolate. Or else flying to a warmer climate as soon as possible. That is always preferable.

However, I was intrigued, and it is always such fun traveling with Deirdre and Kim. After giving it a few minute’s consideration, I agreed to go along, as long as there was some modicum of luxury involved. I was not interested in a bunk bed in a small airless cabin in a rusty old expedition ship. There had to be the availability of champagne and a hot bath.

I should have known with Deirdre. The ship they were booked on was the Silversea Silver Wind, which was going to be converted into an expedition ship just in time for our cruise in 2020. Ah, a luxury ship at heart, even if it would now be an expedition ship. That sounded good. I grabbed a copy of the deck plan to make sure there was an observation lounge from where I could watch us gliding by the final continent, in the comfort of a well upholstered armchair. The ship met my standards, and then in an instant we were all booked to head further south than I have ever been before. I was even looking forward to receiving one of their distinctive Silversea bright red parkas I had seen folks wearing on other cruises we had been on.

Although the cruise was over a year away I started planning what I was going to take with us. No need for a parka, or a backpack, they came free with the cruise. As did a water bottle. However, their suggested packing list was long and complicated, and I was starting to feel that this cruise was going to be a lot of work. Was I up to it?

Then in March 2020 COVID stopped the cruise industry. We had to leave Queen Mary 2 in Australia and fly back to the US in the middle of our world voyage. I had hoped that by November 2020 things would be back to normal, but of course they weren’t. I was not entirely surprised by the email we received notifying us that our cruise was cancelled. I am not sure we would have been comfortable going even if the cruise had gone ahead. It did not seem like the time to return to cruising had arrived just yet.

We rebooked for a December 2021 cruise, but by the fall of 2021 we were still not sure that it was a good idea to go so far away during the pandemic, so I switched our cruise to November 2022. So here we are, it’s November of 2022, and despite the fact that COVID is still among us, we decided to go ahead and fly south to experience the beauty of the last wilderness on earth. I can’t wait to see those penguins!

This time we will be on the Silver Cloud. Last year’s cruise included the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. Alas that itinerary did not work out for us this time, so we are going to miss out visiting them. But I am happy with what we plan to do. We just have to finalize getting ourselves organized for the adventure.

So here is the itinerary:

Thursday, November 24                     Fly to Santiago, Chile

Friday, November 25                          Arrive in Santiago

Saturday, November 26                      Santiago

Sunday, November 27                        Puerto Williams, Chile

Monday, November 28                      Drake Passage (Cruising)

Tuesday, November 29                       Drake Passage (Cruising)

Wednesday, November 30                 Antarctic Sound (Expedition Cruising)

Thursday, December 1                       Antarctic Peninsula (Expedition Cruising)

Friday, December 2                            Antarctic Peninsula (Expedition Cruising)

Saturday, December 3                        Antarctic Peninsula (Expedition Cruising)

Sunday, December 4                          South Shetland Islands (Expedition Cruising)

Monday, December 5                         Drake Passage (Cruising)

Tuesday, December 6                         Cape Horn (Cruising)

Wednesday, December 7                   Puerto Williams, Chile

Thursday, December 8                       Santiago, Chile

Friday December 9                             Fly home

Now all we have to do is pack, and off we will go………

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  1. Frances Morrier

    I did 5 trips to Antarctica and loved every one. But I had been a fan of the history of exploration there.

    South Georgia is fabulous but for a first try I think that shorter itinerary is best. The wildlife watching (even from indoors) is amazing. And walking among penguins is interesting. We were told to not come closer then (I can’t remember the exact distance) but no one told the penguins who trundled merrily near us at times.

    The scenery is spectacular. The Drake passage can be rough, or not! Whatever I so look forward to your postings.

    • Safarigal

      I love that you keep going back! I really wasn’t that excited at first, but now it is so close, I can’t wait 🙂

  2. Erin

    We love the polar regions and have enjoyed all of our expeditions to both the north and the south. Have a wonderful time. Wishing you a “Drake Lake” for your crossing. Look forward to reading about your trip.

    • Safarigal

      Thanks! I am so excited now that it looks like it really will happen. To have been to both polar regions is wonderful – lucky you 🙂

  3. Ron Taylor

    We are going on our first trip to Antartica in Jan 23 and we can’t wait. After many warm weather cruise’s over the years, we are looking forward to seeing the stunning scenery and wildlife.

    • Safarigal

      I bet you must be very excited too – west it will be a change from our usual warm weather cruising, but I am so looking forward to just being there in the icy wilderness

  4. Jack Dawson

    Wow, what a great itinerary! Will this trip complete you having visited all 7 continents?
    As always, looking forward to your posts.

    • Safarigal

      Yes, this is the final continent – but there are still soooo many places I want to visit 🙂

  5. Karen

    We’ve been to Antarctica three times – love it. Currently in Roseau, Dominica on QM2. Beautiful ship but I think Antarctica is more my thing.

    Broke my arm the day before we boarded so been a bit rough. Today seems better.

    • Safarigal

      Oh no! I am so sorry about your arm. That’s such bad luck. Have a wonderful time on QM2, we embark on her next Caribbean voyage on December 22nd. It will definitely be warmer than it is here!

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