Photos from Around the Ship

Written by Safarigal
September 25, 2022

It isn’t over til it’s over.

Here is a random collection of photos we took on our cruise – hopefully they help capture an idea of what the ship was like:

Decks 6 & 7

The Dock

Sip (Champagne Bar)

Daily Schedule


Tattoo Parlor



Coffee Place

Red Room


Promenade Deck

Deck 12



Tablet that you could use to control the curtains, TV, lights, temperature etc

The hand soap is black, and leaves a dark foam on the towels. Very odd.

Deck 15


Deck 16

Deck 17

The dreaded running track

And goodbye from Richard Branson himself……..

Post Discussion


  1. Jane Dennis

    A tattoo shop!! No thank you. Definitely not my kind of ship

    • Safarigal

      They say “get the ultimate souvenir of your cruise on board”. I don’t think so!

  2. Karen

    Thanks for sharing this trip. It gave me a very different look that Virgin Voyages – I think Cunard is a better fit (or HAL or Celebrity). Hoping to be on the QM2 in November.

  3. Safarigal

    They do so many things right, but then they do so many things that do not enhance your cruise experience. Maybe sailing out of Miami is different to sailing out of Barcelona, and Barcelona will be better.. Meanwhile I think we will stick with the more traditional lines. Enjoy QM2 – we will be on her in April after a safari in South Africa. Counting down the days!

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