Written by Safarigal
July 2, 2017

It is time to go back to Africa.


Our nephew Kevin used to live in Irvine, California, but after graduating from UC San Diego he left Newport Beach and Fashion Island behind, and headed off to South Africa to pursue his love of African wild animals. Whilst immersed in the joys of being a guide in a private game reserve near to Kruger National Park, he discovered another love in his life, Angie.

Kevin and Angie

So later on this month Kevin and Angie will be joined in holy matrimony in a town called Nelspruit, close to Kruger. Now I would probably travel to any end of the planet to be at Kevin’s wedding, but the fact that they are getting married right next door to a game reserve, and for their honeymoon 24 of us family members and close friends are joining them for a safari in Kruger, means that safarigal is grabbing her sun hat and binoculars, and searching the web for cheap flights to Johannesburg. What joy!

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