DAY 88 – April 2nd

Written by Safarigal
April 4, 2017

At Sea

Although the sea is a deep blue, with the large waves and white horses it looks more like we are in the middle of a transatlantic winter crossing. It is cold and windy out on deck too. We have certainly left the tropics alas.

During the day I carry a tote bag around with me containing all the things I need for the day – my computer, book, craft project, phone, chocolates, key card etc. It works well for me to have my key card safe and sound in my bag. I have noticed on this particular segment that during the day the majority of women, even if they are carrying a bag, have their key cards on lanyards around their neck. You can buy very blingy lanyards on board, and I can see that the shop has done a brisk trade in these. I shun this practice as it reminds me way too much of wearing my work ID on it’s beaded lanyard, with a photo of me from 2004 with permed big hair. I do not want to think of work when I am watching the beautiful waves of the Pacific Ocean.

However, the women continue this practice into the evening, even on formal nights. It is a strange sight to see them in beautiful gowns and all their fancy jewellery, clutching a pretty evening bag, and wearing a Cunard lanyard containing their key card in a plastic holder around their necks.

We decided that it would be too depressing to do all of our packing on the day prior to disembarkation, so we spent the afternoon packing 2 of the suitcases. It is very obvious that although I had thought we would have fewer things to pack for the return journey, I was mistaken. Despite depleting the toiletries, we seem to have much more stuff. The hammock from Santarem for example. It had looked quite small when purchased. Now it looks very large.

The winds increased gradually during the day, and by the time we headed to Dan and Irene’s suite for a soiree the ship had definitely developed a bouncy feel to it.

The soiree was perfect. We could watch the beautiful sunset in the comfort of their large suite. The food was delicious, the company great, and the VC flowing. I could have spent the whole evening there. QG suites really are a whole lot more suited to entertaining than Britannia cabins alas.

Dinner was time to say farewell to our tablemates and waiters. We have had a truly wonderful time with them on our trip from Sydney. Many good laughs and good meals. I always think that the one downside to cruising is saying goodbye to the great people you meet along the way. You share so much with them, that when they are gone it is almost like you lose something.

After dinner we sat for a while in the Chart Room listening to Hannah and her harp, and then moved to the Café Carinthia to listen to the Adagio Quartet for a while. I still think it is amazing that you get such a choice of venues to relax after dinner, and we were on a mission to take advantage of several of them. Our next stop was the Queens Room where the dance party was in full swing. We didn’t linger long there, but I did manage to pick up a balloon from the balloon drop.

Finally, as usual, we headed up to the Commodore Club. Friends of ours were there already and we went and joined them. We had a relaxing time chatting, listening to Carlo, and enjoying the movement of the ship. Finally waves were breaking across the bow and hitting the windows of the Commodore Club.

Although the Commodore Club is not the usual place for a sing-along, it seemed appropriate to do so tonight, so the 3 of us girls stood up to sing. Things were going well until the ship lurched suddenly, putting us off balance. This lead to the glasses on the table getting broken, the men getting soaked by their contents, and us generally causing a bit of a scene. Quite embarrassing, and not really what one would expect from sophisticated ladies. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to grab my Milky Way Martini, and not a drop was spilled.

Despite this incident, we had a wonderful evening. This is such a spectacular ship. Simply the best.

Post Discussion


  1. Gill Dancyger

    I am so glad you finally managed to get your Milky Way Martini sorted. So sad when something wonderful is coming to an end, and your voyage has certainly sounded wonderful.

    Enjoy those last days.

    • Safarigal

      It has been a wonderful trip – I’ll have my last Milky Way tonight, and then alas return to reality tomorrow!

  2. Linda Farnsworth

    The whole trip sounds wonderful, and just sorry that we were not able to make any of the segments as planned.
    Thank you for your time and trouble for posting your diary for all to read.


    • Safarigal

      It has certainly been a fabulous journey – I’m so glad we took the leap of faith and booked it. Sorry you were not on board as well, but maybe next time!

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